Loyalty Bonus Reward Points Terms

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As a bonus for our customers that start an account on our website and receive out newsletter and promotions, Teach me Toys will reward you with 10 points for Every $1 that you spend on our products when you purchase on our website.  This is the equivalent of 10% of the value of your purchase earnt back in rewards points.  Your rewards points are automatically added to your account, and can be redeemed at checkout on your subsequent purchases.  You can accumulate your points if you like with multiple purchases, they do not have to be used on the next purchase but the rewards points you earn have a 2 year life from the time of purchase before they expire.

At checkout, you will need to scroll down on the left hand side of the checkout page, to where it shows your loyalty points.  You then need to redeem as many points as you want to use on the current purchase, and submit.  You must also choose a payment method for the remainder of the purchase, and the reward amount will be automatically deducted from your purchase.  If the reward points in your account are equal to the payment amount, then you need to choose the "Bank Deposit" payment method to allow the transaction to go through.

A return of products or refund will also void the accumulated rewards points for the value of the refund. Eg. if you have a refund of $100 , $10 worth of points will also be taken off your account. 

Reward points are not transferrable to another account, unless you are the owner of both accounts and they are created with the same name and email address.  If you have started more than 1 account due to forgetting password etc, we do still have the ability to find and combine your previous account, and tranfer all bonus points to your new account.  But the name and email address must be the same on both accounts.  This cannot be done online, you will need email us at sale@teachmetoys.com.au, or you can call Kathy on 0438894477 and pass the instructions over the phone.

These points can not be redeemed for cash, and purchases made with reward points cannot be refunded either.  If there is a combination of payment and rewards points to make a purchase, only the payment portion will be refunded. 

Express checkouts that do not join our newsletter or start an account will not be able to redeem points.