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Author: Nick Gatzonis   Date Posted:1 May 2018 

Learn coding with thinkfun educational toys

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Child plays Laser Maze while thinking

STEM Education and Creative Thinking

Today isn’t the same as yesterday. And tomorrow is a whole new creative, technologically-advanced world. At ThinkFun, we’re doing everything we can to help ensure children are properly prepared for it by making learning fun. We’re developing games and planning initiatives to help children develop STEM skills and be the creative beings that will forever change our world.

Leaders in STEM Learning

STEM is everywhere. It’s the hottest thing in education. It’s also something ThinkFun has been passionate about since before it received the catchy acronym. From engineering toys and coding games to open-ended construction kits, ThinkFun is leading the world in creating STEM games that shape 21st century thinkers.

Igniting Creative Thinking

Children are born creative. It’s in their DNA, so to speak. When they are given the freedom to play with less structure and without the limitations of right and wrong solutions, they improve their development and unleash the creativity that has been with them since birth. This free-form learning teaches children that they can make their imagination a reality with problem-solving skills, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

In 2015, ThinkFun launched three groundbreaking open-ended creative games: Compose Yourself Music Game, Code Master Coding Board Game and Maker Studio Construction Sets.


Code Master

Code Master

Code Master is a groundbreaking game that teaches children to think like a computer while learning how to code. This ultimate coding adventure teaches the mental model and thinking discipline required to learn computer programming. In this fun game, you won’t just learn how to program, you’ll also build planning, sequential reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Learn more about Code Master


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